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SWA Accepting Old Christmas Trees

Now that all the gifts have been unwrapped and most of the cookies eaten, people will be taking down their Christmas decorations for another year.  The Mon County Solid Waste Authority is helping by accepting live Christmas Trees from January 1st through the 8th.

"You have to bring them to us and we'll make sure to deliver them to Tygart Lake and Cheat Lake for the fish habitat program," says Monongalia County Solid Waste Authority Director Jessica Maple.

Trees will not be picked up but they can be dropped off at the SWA's new location on Dupont Circle.  From there the old trees will be dropped along the banks of the lakes, creating new habitats for fish.

"It's our first year in the program," says Maple.

Just make certain to remove all lights, ornaments and tinsel from the tree and drop it off during normal business hours.