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Glenville State student completes Sabalauski Air Assault School

A Glenville State College senior has graduated from the Sabalauski Air Assault School.
Army ROTC Cadet Kyle Hartleben went through the 10-day school at Fort Campbell, Kentucky It is a rigorous and fast-paced program which trains soldiers and ROTC cadets in aircraft orientation, sling-load operations, and rappelling techniques. As part of its program students are required to take part in a 12-mile march with their rucksack in under three hours on the morning of their graduation. 
Upon completion, graduates of the course will be able to make maximum use of helicopter assets in training and in combat to support unit operations.
Following the training Hartleben, the biology major from Hurricane  will be attending a nearly month-long assessment course to complete the required training to become an officer in July. He is undecided on what particular occupation field he will enter in the Army.
Major Charles Beirne, Assistant Professor of Military Science at Glenville State College and the Yellow Jacket Battalion Executive Officer commented, "We are extremely proud of Kyle. He has transformed into one of our battalion's top cadets and will most likely exceed the standards at his upcoming Leadership Development Assessment Course."
The Yellow Jacket Battalion includes programs at West Virginia State University, the University of Charleston, West Virginia University-Tech, and GSC. The GSC program alone has sent three students to the Leaders Training Course, ten students to the Leadership Development Assessment Course, one to Airborne School, one to Air Assault School, one to Thailand with the Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency program, and has commissioned six officers into the United States Army.
For more information about the Glenville State College Army ROTC program,  you can contact GSC's Senior Military Science Instructor Sergeant First Class Daniel Webb, at Daniel.Webb@glenville.edu or call (304) 462-6285.