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FGH releases study addressing "Community Needs"

After six months of collecting data from residents and physicians, Fairmont General Hospital released the results from a "Community Needs" study.
The study was conducted by FGH and the FGH Foundation in cooperation with the Marion County Health Department and the Mon Valley Association of Health Centers to survey 275 people.
Overall, ratings for quality of life were positive with older respondents indicating they are happy to live in the community and services are adequate. However, younger respondents voiced concerns about the future economic viability of the area in regard to development and growth, according to the study.
FGH released the results Wednesday at a press conference to help --as the title of the study suggests-- make the public aware of community needs.
Among the results is the finding that heart disease, cancer, diabetes, aging problems and respiratory disease are the top five health problems concerning physicians.
The study also focused on the top-five risky behaviors identified by area physicians as obesity, lack of exercise and fitness, tobacco use, drug use, and alcohol use.