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Bridgeport looking to add lighting to city park

Bridgeport will look to shine a light on youth sports within the city.
A $249,000 contract with Musco Lighting will provide upgrades to the City Park Athletic Field Lights.
"The [daylight] gets less in the fall," Jim Smith, Assistant City Manager said. "It gives us an opportunity to utilize the fields more."
The park is fully utilized during the fall and winter months for a variety of sports and illuminating more areas will allow youth sports to keep working when the sun goes down.
City Council unanimously approved the contract pending they get conformation from the company the new lighting could conform to future uses for the park.
The goal would be, if the city decides to reorganize the park, the one move one pole to fulfill lighting needs and have the ability to install lights on different poles.
Smith does not foresee this being a problem, given the quality of the product and previous experiences with the company.
"The Musco Lighting company did our lights up at the rec complex and did an excellent job, so we have a history," he said. "All the technology that you use is all [compatible with the lighting system]. You can actually turn off lights, turn on lights with you cell phone application."
The council hopes to get confirmation with the company soon so construction can begin and the lighting will be in place for upcoming fall sports.