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Harrison County quadruple homicide trial date pushed back

The trial for a man charged in a quadruple homicide in Harrison County has been postponed.
The lawyers for defendant Sidney Arthur Muller and Harrison County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Susan Morris requested the trial be rescheduled because test results on forensic evidence in the case have not yet been returned.
Harrison County Circuit Judge Thomas A. Bedell approved the motion Wednesday morning.   
Investigators claim Muller shot and killed Christoper Hart and Todd Amos at a home on Locust Ave. in Clarksburg in July 2013, while trying to collect a $10,000 drug debt for pills he had provided. Freddy and Fred Swiger, a father and son who were delivering newspapers on their normal route, were shot and killed outside of the home.
Muller's trial date is set for November 10 and is expected to continue through the following week.