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Harrison Ambulance Authority addresses service to Salem

During the Harrison County Emergency Ambulance Authority Meeting Wednesday, the organization looked over a request from Salem Mayor Bobby Samples to place an ambulance in the town in order to achieve quicker response times.
"I appreciate your support to the community," Samples said. "If we could have greater response time, the issue's been brought to me again and again."
Previously, the Anmoore VFD served as Salem's first responders, but asked out of the agreement in March after infrequent runs proved to be detrimental to the organization's financial resources.
Now, the Harrison County Emergency Squad dispatches to Salem from the Clarksburg Northview station off Route 50 with an average of 15 minute response times for 50 calls per month with 30 percent of those resulting in transportation, or "sign-offs."
Samples suggested placing a unit in the area at one of several locations the town owns. However, with the amount of runs, it is feared the Squad's financial resources would suffer if a unite was placed in the town without financial backing.
"There's now way we could have one truck for Salem because of that call number, at 50," Harrison County Emergency Squad Executive Director Rick Rock said. "We have to make smart decisions so we don't utilize resources going towards a larger population, it really creates a problem."
Rock said he is not completely opposed to the idea but it would have to be worked out.
"We're willing to go out and look, and continue to look at the data, and work within this board and work with the community of Salem and all of our mutual people to try and see how we can best deliver," he said.
The organization's next meeting is scheduled for October 15.