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Fire Commission suggestions adopted into ordinance involving Clarksburg code enforcement

The City of Clarksburg has amended an ordinance attempting to align the practices of their code enforcement office with state code, based on suggestions received from the state Fire Commission.
"When we first proposed this ordinance in July, I had sent a copy to the Assistant Attorney General [representing the Fire Commission] for his feedback and he, in the meantime, has provided me that," City Attorney Greg Morgan said.
The action to adopt the amendments was taken during a special council meeting Thrusday night after the suggestions were outlined and explained.
"We're having this meeting to adopt those amendments so that we can go ahead with our final reading and public hearing next Thursday and get this done on its original schedule rather than having to wait."
Morgan said the suggestions mostly deal with changing the language, some having an impact on the ordinance as a whole, but not much.
"They have suggested we adopt some language from the Fire Marshal's applicable regulation in various spaces," he said. "I think they're material but not extensive."
One recommendation included making the fact the Building Code Appeals Board must have five members -- rather than the three the city was operation with -- while another dealt with clearing up who the code officials could require to have permits.
"They asked that we make a little more clear that we can't require building permits of governmental agencies," Morgan said. "They adopted some technical language that's from the regulations regarding certain of the building codes and so forth like that."
The main goal of the ordinance is to meet the Fire Commission's requirements and have a cease and desist order issued on July 1 lifted from the city's code enforcement office.
However, the passing of the ordinance will not put the office back to work immediately.
"We have some additional things to work out with the Fire Marshal's office to get them back to work, in terms of this enforcement part, as soon as possible thereafter," Morgan said.
Morgan declined to comment on what these additional things pertained to.