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Harrison County Board of Education reaches settlement with bus drivers from 2011

The Harrison County Board of Education voted to approve a settlement to a grievance filed against the school system in 2011.
The grievance was brought forth, representing 11 bus drivers in the county.
"When the Harrison County Board of Education changed the way we were hiring extracurricular bus [drivers], those who were already driving the buses were being paid eight hours and when we hired as needed, sometimes they weren't being paid the same," Superintendent Mark Manchin said. "There was some question as to the fairness. A grievance was filed."
Legal discussion lingered from 2011 until recently, when it was decided, due to what going to court would cost, a settlement needed to be made.
"After sitting down and talking to the litigates, 11 of them, we felt it was in was in the best interest and fair to all parties involved to go ahead and settle," Manchin said. "We settled for what their run would have been for that year [2011], what they would have made for that year had they been an eight hour employee."
The vote to approve the settlement was unanimous by the board during Tuesday night's meeting.
Manchin said the settlement comes out to about $50,000.
"It came to something, like, $4,700 per person. It's right around $50,000."
The Board of Education said it would take measures to make sure this situation does not happen again for bus drivers.