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Clarksburg law enforcement and citizens participate in National Night Out

Law enforcement and citizens got together to spend the "Night Out."
Originally, National Night Out was started by the National Association of Town Watch 31 years ago to encourage positive law enforcement-community relations.
In West Virginia, many communities put on their own Night Out.
Clarksburg put together its 13th event this year at Veterans Memorial Park, where the public had free access to the water park, mini golf, food and prizes.
"It gives them a sense to get to know the officers better and that one-on-one we're just like they are and we're out to look out for their best interests," Clarksburg Chief of Police Robbie Hilliard said.
It is the hope of all the organizations participating is the event will help the public feel safe and willing to assist them in combating crime.
"That way they feel more willing to give officers information if they know of any illegal activities that's occurring," Hilliard said. "They'll feel more comfortable in talking to that officer."
Hundreds of residents turned out to mingle with members of the Clarksburg Police Department -- including a K9 unit, the Harrison County Sheriff's Department and other divisions of EMS.
Planning for the event begins months in advance and Hilliard said they couldn't have done it without cooperation of the city and local businesses.
"We wouldn't be able to do this if it wasn't for the sponsors and the Clarksburg Park Board who provides the free golf and also the swimming to the water park, and just the numerous other sponsors who donate their money to this cause for the bicycles, and all the raffles and pizzas for the community."
More information about National Night Out can be found at www.natw.org.