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Two fathers arrested for DUI and Child Neglect during seperate incidents in Clarksburg

Two fathers were arrested in Clarksburg for DUI and child neglect in separate incidents.
Jeremy Shane Belcher, 38, was found by Clarksburg Police walking away from a car, which was partially in Duncan Avenue, with a bottle of whiskey in his pocket.
Officers were called to the scene after reports of Belcher being passed out behind the wheel. When approached, the smell of alcohol was detected and children were seen running from the car to a residence.
According to witnesses, Belcher had been driving with his children in the car. 
He said he attempted to pull over and park the car after he couldn't keep his eyes open, realizing he was drunk and shouldn't be driving with the kids in the car.
Belcher failed a field sobriety test, was charged with DUI and child neglect creating risk of injury and is being held in North Central Regional Jail.
Meanwhile, the Clarksburg Police Department arrested a Jacksonburg man also on charges of DUI and child neglect.
Jamey Hickman, 29, was found asleep in the driver seat of a vehicle in the Rosebud Plaza parking lot with a crying child in the back.
Drug paraphernalia was seen on Hickman's lap along with knives in the back seat with the child.
Witness reports indicate the child turned the running vehicle off earlier.
Hickman failed a field sobriety test administered by the West Virginia State Police, was charged and is being held in North Central Regional Jail.