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Group combating homelessness in Harrison County with backing of Commission

An organization looking to help the homeless get off the streets in north central West Virginia has received financial support from the Harrison County Commission.
The NCWV Coalition for the Homeless requested and received $4000 during the commission's meeting on Thursday.
"It is not only the humane thing to do from the perspective of the County Commission, but it's also a preventative effort," Commissioner Mike Romano said. "It reduces crime and certainly reduces the suffering within our community of people that have to be forced to live outside when temperatures dip below freezing."
The money will help the coalition in their new partnership with Homes For Harrison County, formerly known as the Harrison County branch of the national "100,000 Homes Campaign."
The two groups combined to tackle the issue of homelessness in the county, especially in the harsh winter months when safety is at its greatest risk.
"They just did a survey of homelessness within Harrison County," Romano said. "During the dead of the winter, we had almost a hundred people that were vulnerable to serious injury or death because they had no place to live."
The team has already housed many area men and women, but is looking forward to housing many more.
"These volunteers who have come together to try to house all the homeless in Harrison County have already housed over 26 families," Romano said. "The little bit of help we gave them out of our Community Improvement Fund hopefully will go a long way in housing the remainder."
The organizations do not merely stop at getting the homeless off the streets, they help them through programs which will lead them to keeping their place of residence, such as job training. Romano said when this is successful, the whole county benefits.
"The more we can get people off of the street, get them functional and make them productive citizens, the better off we will be in the long run."
The NCWV Coalition for the Homeless is a non-profit organization and all money raised goes toward helping the homeless within the county.