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Harrison County BOE looks over graduation requirements, grading policy

The Harrison County Board of Education held a special meeting on Thursday to look over two policy proposals dealing with graduation requirements and grades.
Policy 5504 relating to graduations requirements was unanimously approved by the board.
Superintendent Mark Manchin said the policy aligns with state policy, but goes beyond in some requirements.
"It aligns with State Board Policy 2510," he said. "There are some additional requirements such as some additional computer requirements that is above and beyond. Giving what our children are going to face in the future, our job as educators is to prepare our children to go on to be successful."
Meanwhile, Manchin requested the board delay action on Policy 4504, which relates to grading for students.
The reason for the delay stems from a desire to go back over the proposal and discuss with the involved parties if it is proper policy.
"Six and nine-weeks grading periods is going to be discussed," Manchin said. "How we grade, how we grade at the primary level, how we grade at the Pre-K level and the necessity of assigning grades."
The board wants to give this policy which affects all students in the county its due diligence because policies of this nature have a larger impact.
"Obviously, when students are impacted, parents are impacted, teachers are impacted, all the periphreals, aunts and uncles," Manchin said. "Everybody who cares about education, and I'm going to tell your right now, that's the entire community."
The plan moving forward is to create a panel consisting of members of affected groups to look over the policy and come up with suggestions.
"I'll be selecting a representative of the WVEV, AFT, we'll have a couple of parents and all the parties concerned will be able to sit at the table," Manchin said. "We'll meet on a regular basis and we'll start drafting language. Ultimately, at the end of the day when we feel comfortable, we'll bring it to the board this spring."
The first day of school in Harrison County is set for August 14.