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Bridgeport receives two grants from the Division of Justice and Community Services

Bridgeport City Council unanimously approved to receive two grants from the Division of Justice and Community Services.
The first grant approved during Monday's meeting provides funds to assist Officer Jamie Hamrick, who serves as the Prevention Resource Officers in local schools.
"What we did is we went out and got a grant to fund part of her salary for that particular positions," Bridgeport Mayor Mario Blount said. "We were notified we received that grant in the amount of $20,000, which will go to benefit her salary. She not only covers Bridgeport High School, she covers Bridgeport Middle School and she also covers Johnson [Elementary] and Simpson [Elementary]."
Bridgeport Chief of Police John Walker said Hamrick's priority as the Prevention Resource Officer is the safety of the students but also serves other purposes in the school.
"Obviously, safety is the number one reason and her presence is somewhat of a deterrent," he said. "She's also spent some of her time assisting teachers with curriculum and teaching certain issues within the school system."
The other grant was for a total of $50,000, shared with Clarksburg, to help with salaries as part of the Mulit-Jurisdictional Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force Project.
The money helps supplement the officers which serve on this task force and with other organizations attempting to deal with drugs and crimes which originate from drug problems.
Walker said it is a tall task, but is thankful the grant will help in their efforts.
"This is a situation that's growing, its become more of a challenge each and every day," he said. "We're never going to have enough people to fight this situation but we keep trying."
The city approved the grant, citing the importance of the task force in keeping citizens safe.
"Those guys are an absolute must in fighting crime in North Central West Virginia, Harrison County and in particular what they do for the city of Bridgeport," Blount said.
Walker said these grants and others like it are a vital boost to their operations.
"We've had these grants, we've been renewing grants for years and it's absolutely made a difference. We're very fortunate to continue those."