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Salem welcoming new faces to government positions

The town of Salem has been seeing new faces arrive in government positions recently.
At council's meeting on Tuesday, new town attorney Sam Harrold was sworn into his new role.
"I look forward to going through the charter with them and understanding the duties that need to be done," Harrold said. "It appears that they've got a number of projects that they look forward to completing. I look forward to doing all those things and assisting the community."
Harrold takes the position with 12 years working in law to his credit, all with the law firm of McNeer, Highland, McMunn and Varner. During this time, he has worked with various projects in various levels of government.
Although this will be his first time serving as a legal counsel to a city or town, he can recieve guidance for other members of the firm who currently serve in the same position in other municipalities.
"I like the fact that we're not dealing with 1-on-1, we're dealing with 1-on-35," Town Manager Joe Davis, who recommended Harrold said. "He's got other people that he can rely on if he's got a problem. One of the lawyers in the firm is also an attorney for the city of Elkins. She would have knowledge of any problems we would have or might come up against."
This isn't to say Harrold doesn't have any experience on his own. He previously has worked with the city of Clarksburg's demolition program, right-of-way work with oil and gas industries and other relative experiences for the job.
"I've had the opportunities to do all kinds of work since I've been practicing," Harrold said. "Whether that be through real estate matters, municipality matters, civil service matters, I hope to bring all those tools and assets to the city of Salem and help the community out as best I can."
Salem also recently acquired the services of a new police officer.
Travis Snuffer will join the force after serving in the WVU Campus Police Department.
"He has three years experience and he's a military man," Davis said. "A young man, 27-years-old and in great shape."
The city looks for Snuffer to come in and immediately contribute to the force.
A candidate for the town's new Building Inspector was also presented by Davis to the council at Tuesday's meeting. Vincent Smith, who has previously served in the position, is looking to get back into the line of work.