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Four arrested for making meth in Webster County

 The West Virginia State Police has arrested four people attempting to make meth in Webster County.
April Dawn Hamrick, 41, Richard Dale Brammer, 49, George Alfred Knapp, 47, and Particia Ann Palmer, 56 were observed by Troopers operating a clandestine drug lab Thursday evening at around 9 p.m. at a residence on Foothill Drive in Upperglade.
Authorities watched the operation on the front porch for five minutes before approaching. The suspects then attempted to discard the evidence, throwing bottles with hoses attached, plastic bags and coffee filters all with "white," "odorous" substances in them.
Palmer, the owner of the property, consented to a search where Troopers found many precursors to make meth and a clandestine drug lab.
The two women admitted to the crime with Plamer telling the troopers she had bought pseudoephedrine earlier the same day and Hamrick saying she was there to help make meth in order to get high.
Brammer and Knapp attempted to deny guilt.
However, Knapp claimed he did not know what was going on but then said, "I just like meth."
All were detained and charged with conspiracy to make meth, possession of precursors to make meth and operating or attempting to operate a clandestine drug lab.
They are being held in Central Regional Jail.