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Initial agreement reached to transfer sponsorship of St. Joseph's to UHC

West Virginia United Health System announced an initial agreement on Wednesday which would transfer sponsorship of St. Joesph's Hospital to its United Hospital Center in Bridgeport.
In a statement, Bruce Carter, CEO of United Hospital Center said "We are very pleased to welcome the talented and compassionate medical, nursing, and administrative staff at St. Joseph's Hospital to the UHC family."
If the transfer were to be approved, leadership at St. Joseph's would remain the same and there would be no disruption to patient care.
St. Joesph's President and CEO Sue Johnson-Phillippe also released a statement, citing a desire to keep the facility's ability to serve the community intact as a reason for the decision.
"There are fewer Sisters here to oversee their healthcare ministries and this move is part of their strategic planning to secure the future of St. Joseph's Hospital for its community," she said.
The agreement is not finalized, it must go through different stages and varieties of review before UHC can become the parent corporation for St. Joseph's Hospital.